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Nevada Corporations Online

Incorporate in Nevada

   There are no corporate income taxes, no state income taxes, no personal income taxes, and no taxes on the shares of stock. 

   Shareholders are not public record and anyone forming a Nevada corporation can remain anonymous by using our nominee services for privacy.   We act as your officers and directors for the public record documents.  Please see advantages for more info.

   Here is what we provide with each new incorporation:
  • First year resident agent service ($85 per year thereafter)
  • Organizational corporate minutes
  • Bylaws
  • Free corporate minutes and consents throughout the year*
  • Corporate minute book with 10 stock certificates (corporate name printed in gold letters)
  • Paperwork documenting decisions of the Board to issue stock
  • Corporate seal (add $40 after 7/31/01)
  • Charter (provided by the Secretary of State)

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*A corporation cannot act on its own.  The Board and officers that make the decisions must document the decisions in writing.  We can prepare the corporate minutes and/or consents for you throughout the year.

  Before you incorporate, call us.  

   We provide a personal, professional service and have over 15 years experience in forming Nevada corporations and LLCs.  You might have to pay a more if you go with one of our competitors, and we guarantee they will not provide you with the quality of service that we will.  If you have any questions or need information, please contact us. 

We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice.  If you have legal questions, consult an attorney. A good book to read is The Secret Millionaire by John V. Childers, Jr.   It is about $20 in bookstores and at  . 

   We are confident that we provide the best service in Nevada. 



Nevada Corporations Online

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Nevada Corporations Information

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Incorporate In Nevada